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As a success coach, author and personal development trainer, I have developed a number of tools to help people in their quest for the extraordinary life.  Feel free to use the resources on this page to help you on your life journey.  Make sure and check back often as new resources will added over time.



1.  The Life Success Tool:  This is a powerful tool I recommend you use several times a year.  It will help you gauge how fulfilled you feel in the most important areas of your life.  This awareness can empower you to make improvements or course correct if necessary.


Click here to download The Life Success Tool


2.  The Well-Being Checklist:  This checklist is a wonderful too to help you maintain the very best self-care possible.  I consider self-care one of the essential life skills that supports personal fulfillment on all levels.  I encourage you to print this checklist out and keep it handy for regular review.


Click here to download the Well-Being Checklist


3.  The Extraordinary Teacher Quiz:  There are 12 important qualities that separate good teachers from extraordinary teachers.  How do you rate yourself?   Are you the kind of teacher that inspires your students to achieve the extraordinary in their lives?  Take this simple test to find out


Click here to download the Extraordinary Teacher Quiz


4.  12 Signs of a Healthy or Unhealthy Home Checklist:  This checklist will help you discover if you're raising children in an environment that supports healthy emotional connection and growth or if your home environment is contributing to unhealthy behaviors. 


Click here to download the 12 Signs of a Healthy or Unhealthy Home Checklist


5.  The Optimist - Pessimist Parenting Test:  This test comes from my book, What All Children Want Their Parents to Know.  It's a great way to see where you are on the "Optimist/Pessimist" scale in life and it's not just for parents either!  What's your score?


Click here to take the Optimist/Pessimist Parenting Test


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