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Diana Loomans is a nationally recognized professional speaker, trainer, author and success coach. She has delivered over 1200 keynote speeches and workshops for business leaders, educators, parents and the public at large, and has more than one million books and short stories in print. She is consistently rated as an excellent speaker, and combines solid content with dynamic delivery. Her programs include customized hand-outs and audio-visuals, lively audience participation, and the use of accelerated learning techniques. Her speaking topics include:



Defining Your Destiny


Defining and fulfilling our life purpose is quite possibly the most significant work we will ever do. Yet how many of us were ever instructed or coached on how to go about such a significant and nebulous undertaking? Am I doing what I came here to do? Am I truly satisfied with my life? Am I fulfilling my destiny? Learn to do what it takes to answer the above questions with a resounding YES - and further yourself on the greatest path of all.


"All my life, I've jumped from job to job in search of my calling. Now I'm

on fire with purpose, pursuing my passions and natural curiosities with vigor!"

~Ralph Kirschner, Sales Manager & Entrepreneur



The Dynamics of Change


The only unchanging law in the universe is the law that states that everything is in the process of constant change. In this power-packed program designed for business leaders and corporate employees, Diana shares a wealth of hands-on ideas to help you to use change to your personal advantage, and to the benefit of your company. Topics include breakthrough thinking strategies, turning financial losses into prospering leaps, effective steps for implementing change in the workplace, and motivating others throughout the change process.


"Your program contributed to the great success of our conference - superb!"

~Terry K. Schultz, Colonel, Office of the Surgeon General



The Enlightened Entrepreneur


Create a map for success and further your venture with clarity, competence and confidence. From creating or updating your business plan, having a synergistic team, optimizing your systems and implementing principles of sustainability, this invaluable program will help your company to catapult to the next level. This program is a rare blend of business and vision, and includes brainstorming one, three, five and ten year goals, and exploring the possibilities for global expansion. Successful companies with a global perspective will be showcased, such as Newman's Own, Inc.


  "As an entrepreneur for many years, I'd taken a rather crooked path to success.

Thanks for helping me line it all up, resulting in a larger profit the following year."

~Joseph Trager, President of Compu Data Doctors



Raising Your Courage Quotient


The difference between the fearful and the great isn't the absence of fear; it is the mastery of fear. Most of us go through life denying, avoiding, resisting, camouflaging or giving into our fear. In each of these instances, fear continues to have dominion over our lives. It has been said that the only obstacle between our deepest dreams and our current reality is the presence of unchallenged fear. This life-changing program will help you to identify, understand, confront, and transcend the fears that are holding you back, and to become adept at 'terror management.' Move from a half-hearted life to a whole-hearted life as you activate your 'courage quotient' and triumph over terror.


  "Unbelievable - this workshop did more to turn around my sales force in a

few hours than anything in the previous year! Our sales have nearly doubled!"

~Jonathan Beckwith, CEO of Triple Star Productions


How to Think Like Albert Einstein


Einstein was a visionary, physicist, passionate humanitarian, extraordinary innovator, cutting-edge scientist, and free-spirited philosopher. His rare insights forever changed how we view the universe, and he fundamentally shifted our perceptions of light, time, space, energy, gravity and even our understanding of intelligence itself. Despite this, he was slow to learn as a child, and often perceived as a social misfit. Einstein insisted that he had 'no special intelligence,' other than being 'passionately curious.' In this invigorating program, Diana will reveal key traits that inspired this numinous scientist who remains the quintessential image of genius. With stimulating calisthenics for the mind and hands-on ways to unleash more genius, this program will inspire business groups and educators to strengthen their mental muscles and to cultivate more genius.


"My employees are buzzing with ideas! Thank you for an excellent program!"

~Martha Schneiderman, President of Spectrum Productions



Tap Into Your Soul Intelligence


Imagine how the quality of your life will improve when your HI-Q (how high you reside in consciousness) becomes more significant than your IQ (your intelligence quotient). Einstein said that problems cannot be solved at the same level that they were created. To transform the challenges of our individual and collective lives, we must rise to a higher level by tapping into the intelligence of the soul - the highest form of intelligence there is. Learn to implement transforming techniques developed by Diana including the use of soul dialogue, the five stages of soul awakening, the spectrum of self, and the empowering use of soul translating. This fascinating program is based on an upcoming book by Diana Loomans.


  "The use of these techniques has been no less than revolutionary in my

personal and professional life, and my sense of purpose has never been stronger!"

~Dr. Brian Greene, Director of The Wellness Network



The Laughing Classroom


Based on Diana's popular book, The Laughing Classroom for educators K-College, this dynamic program has been met with rave reviews from coast to coast! A wealth of hands-on ideas are presented that can be immediately applied to all age levels. Group exercises and audience participation make this program one that will be talked about for the rest of the school year! Learn techniques that include incorporating humor into lessons, approaching discipline with humor, using play breaks to reduce stress, and improving grades and performance with the use of creativity. This program has been a national hit at educational conferences, regional programs, and district in-services.


"What a fantastic program for the principals of 366 schools!   Most

memorable were the hysterically funny moments shared by all. Thank You!"

~Superintendent for the Archdiocese of Chicago



What All Children Want Their Parents to Know


Parenting is the most honorable and challenging of all human endeavors. In raising one human being, we do more to affect that individual, and the future of the world, than perhaps any thing else we will ever do. Most of us never acquired the skills necessary to take on this noble task with eminent success, and children weren't born with instruction manuals. Explore the twelve keys to raising a happy child, and apply them in your own family life to create healthy, lasting relationships with the most important people in your life. This workshop is based on Diana's latest book, What All Children Want Their Parents to Know; 12 Keys to Raising a Happy Child.


  "This has helped me to be the father I've always wanted to be. I'm relating

more with my teens than ever before. Thanks for the life-changing book and ideas!"

~Donald Hinderman, father and business consultant



Write Your Bestseller Now!


Have you been writing a book for years with nothing tangible to show for it but miles of files, or piles of paperwork? Do you have a burning idea for a book without knowing exactly how to proceed from A-Z? What is really stopping you? Writing a book can be a breeze once you create and activate your book blueprint. Learn to write from a state of FLOW, and to utilize cutting edge techniques. Dramatically improve the content/context of your writing, creating twice the quality in half the time (with at least twice the fun).


  "There are no words for the enthusiasm I have after implementing these simple,

effective techniques! After 10 years of hold-ups, I am launching my best-seller!"

~Susan Rabin, author of, Start Small; Finish Big!



Your Relationship to Money


Take a new look at your relationship to money and wealth, including your 'personal money style' in the seven vital areas of money - earning, spending, debting, investing, profiting, receiving and contributing. Make use of a money timeline that helps you to clear your financial past, better understand your present, and position yourself for future prosperity. This program supports you to re-define your relationship with money, and to position money in its optimal place once and for all.


  "An excellent program that participants talked about all week. Thank

you for a relevant, insightful program that everyone greatly benefited from! "

~B J Dohrmann, Founder of Income Builders International





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