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What is Quantum Life Coaching?


Quantum Life Coaching, developed by Diana Loomans, is a transformational process that expands the soul, opens the heart, unlocks potential, and maximizes performance.  It's a dynamic collaboration between the coach and client that produces positive, lasting change. 


Quantum Life Coaching provides an opportunity for you to gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations and become more self-actualized.  Participants learn to practice better self-care, understand more of their feelings and needs, develop better follow-through and express more of their potential.


What Does a Quantum Life Coach Do?  

A Quantum Life Coach facilitates new insights, supports you to set 'soul-directed goals,' and inspires you to take conscious, deliberate action. A Quantum Life Coach helps you to understand more about where you are, where you want to go, and the best way to get there. 


You are encouraged in positive ways to accomplish more, enjoy life more, and contribute more.  A Quantum Life Coach can support you to do the following:


Get clear on what is really important and act on it

Break through limiting fears and beliefs

Problem solve and find solutions

Stay focused and motivated

Receive positive encouragement and support   


Who Works With Quantum Life Coaches and Why?


People of all walks of life work with coaches at various times in their lives.  For example, if you are going through transition and change, the objectivity and insight that a good coach brings can be invaluable. 


If you are feeling stuck in the 'same old patterns,' the influence of a motivating coach can serve as a catalyst to help you to re-invent yourself.  Even if you are achieving excellence in any given area, a strong coach will help you to adjust to the success, and, even more importantly, to sustain it. 


Here's what clients say are the three top reasons to work with a coach:


They want to find more meaning in their life

They want to grow and get out of their comfort zones

They want to create more of something that is important in their life

If any of these apply to you, a Quantum Life Coach can help you reach these goals with more grace, ease and freedom.  And it can be fun, too!

What Are Some of the Outcomes You Can Expect?


The outcomes that you can expect when working with a Quantum Life Coach are far reaching and life-altering.  The power of having wise, consistent support each week, coupled with the positive challenge of being held accountable for your actions cannot be overstated. 


Here are a few of the positive changes you can expect when working closely with a coach over time:

Make more money

Get clear on what you want

Develop a spiritual practice

Grow your business

Push through limiting fears

Stay focused on what's important

Become more profitable

Reduce stress

Consistently take action

Set and achieve goals

Gain more self-confidence

Dream and envision more

Solve problems and challenges

Improve communication skills and relationships

Enjoy greater fitness, health and well-being

What Are Some of the Benefits You May Experience?


Quantum Life Coaching will bring numerous benefits to your inner and outer life.  Along with an increased sense of well-being, you'll find yourself feeling much better about your life and your possibilities. 


And since your relationship with yourself will be improving, it is a natural outcome that your relationships with other will also greatly improve.  You will have less of what you don't want and more of what you do want.

Here's what you can look forward to feeling when working with a Quantum Life Coach:


More Clear

More Fulfilled

More Inspired

More Successful

More Confident

More Energized

More Motivated

More Encouraged 

Quantum Coaching Can Transform Your Life!

If you are ready to make major changes and improvements in the 'high-five' areas of life (spirituality, health, relationships, career and money), working with a Quantum Life Coach can be invaluable. 


Many of the most successful people in the world work with coaches.  High achievers know they need someone who can provide valuable insights and hold them accountable as they reach for their highest aspirations.


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