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Live the Art of Being and the Science of Success In All Areas of Your Life!


What's next for you in your life that is waiting for your full attention? A business change; greater health & fitness; an increase in prosperity; more fulfilling relationships, or a deeper sense of joy?  


The Quantum Life Coaching 90 Day Life Mastery Program will support you to attain new levels of life-mastery in your personal and professional life - whatever your goals may be.  This program is based on the idea that life is meant to be lived in a positive and fulfilling way; for the highest good of all. 


Here's an overview of what you can expect when you embark on this 90 Day journey:


Combines the Best of Motivation & Achievement Balanced With Timeless

Spiritual Wisdom and Compassion


Cutting-Edge Strategies Adapted From the Fields of Accelerated Learning,

Quantum Physics, Self-Help Psychology and Other Innovative Techniques


Self-Assessment Exercises & Worksheets to Provide Ongoing Accountability


Innovative Weekly Sessions With a Focus on 'Soul-Directed Goals,' Where

You are Fueled from Your Core-Genius, and Achieving from the Inside Out


Sessions and Support include a Weekly Life Law, Personal Exercises, and

Regular Communication by Phone and Email


Transformational Techniques including the 'Fear into Fuel Treatment', 'Core

Belief Clearing', 'Spectrum of Self Exercises', 'Soul Dialogue' and More. . .


And here's what others have said. . .


"In just a few months, the changes in my life are radical in the areas of health, nutrition, money, career & community; the insights are inspired and profound!"                                                          

~Matthew Deutsch, Toyota Corp. Executive


"WOW - my company has expanded and my waistline contracted - I now earn 20% more and weigh 19 lbs less!"                                

~Sue Burns, CEO of  Futurescope


"I've coached with the very best including Tony Robbins, and Diana's programs astound me!   My results in the areas of career & money are nothing short of miraculous!"

~Concepcion Lara, CEO of  Mediaopolis



I invite you to discover more of your soul purpose and live from your core genius.  If you are ready to take a courageous leap into more of your potential, then the time is NOW!


The life you've always dreamed of awaits you. . .



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