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In addition to the 90 Day Life-Mastery Program, the following coaching

modules and retreat intensives are available for groups and individuals:


Accessing Your Core Genius - Each person has a plethora of passions and interests at the core of their being that uniquely comprise their core genius. When one lives from their core-genius, they lead a life of wonder, fulfillment and joy.  When a person is estranged or disconnected from their core-genius, they experience a life filled with frustration and unfulfillment.  This temporary condition can serve as a useful irritant - like sand in an oyster that eventually transforms into an exquisite pearl.



Defining Your Destiny - Defining and fulfilling our life purpose is quite possibly the most significant work we will ever do.  Yet how many of us were ever instructed or coached on how to go about such a significant and nebulous undertaking?  Am I doing what I came here to do?  Am I truly satisfied with my life?  Am I fulfilling my destiny?  Learn to do what it takes to answer the above questions with a resounding YES - and further yourself on the greatest path of all - the path to true fulfillment.  



Write Your Best Seller Now - Do you have a burning desire to write your best-seller without knowing how to proceed from A-Z?  What is really stopping you?  Writing a book can be one of the most exciting projects you'll ever experience once you create your best-selling book blueprint.  Learn to write from a state of FLOW, as you utilize cutting edge writing techniques that will improve the content and context of your writing. This module covers pre and post publication, including a host of ideas for marketing your book once it is published.



The Extraordinary Entrepreneur - Create a mind map for success, and launch or expand your venture with clarity, competence and confidence.  From having a relevant business plan, creating a synergistic team, and implementing effective systems, this invaluable program will potentially save you thousands of dollars.  This module is a rare blend of business & vision, and includes creating a mission statement, brainstorming one, three, and five year goals, and exploring business possibilities for global expansion.           



The Identity Wheel: Exploring Primary & Fear-Based Identities - Journey inward and explore the 16 Primary and 16 Fear-Based Identities to discover and understand more of your own true nature.  Are you in sync with the current identities within that are insistent on coming forth?  Or are you at war with your own nature - yearning for one reality, while living out another?  This exploration will support you to discover what's true for you.  



Living in the Optimal Health Zone - Our quality of life is remarkably related to our level of health and fitness.  Simply put, when we are fit & healthy, we feel great; and when we feel great, we embody more greatness in body, mind and spirit.  This program leads you through a three-month program that will catapult you out of your rut, as you move with velocity into your optimal health zone. It isn't uncommon for participants to comfortably release one to two pounds per week, and 10% or more body fat in 90 days or less.  Follow proven health principles to feel and look your best.



Relationship 911 - Do you really want to end your relationship, or do you simply want to put an end to worn-out ways of relating?  It's simpler than you think to create new patterns that can radically transform your relationship in 90 days.  Learn to rise above old habits and view them from a whole new perspective.  Before you throw in the towel, throw yourself into this breakthrough program, and prepare for radical shifts.  Learn to co-create the relationship you've wanted for years, and transform this emergency into an 'emerge-and-see.'



A Course in Intimacy - Are you ready to experience a new level of intimacy with a true equal?  This program will support you to define, declare, attract and sustain the quality of relatedness with yourself and another that fulfills your deepest heart's desires.  Based on the fundamental principle that you can only experience the quality of love that you have for yourself, this program supports you to become well-versed in the vital skills of self-care, empathic communication, active listening and conscious partnership.  For singles and couples.    



Food, Sex, Time, & Money - It's no secret that very few human beings on the planet have it all together in the areas of food, sex, time and money.  What does it take to balance and maintain a healthy profile in all four areas?  How do the four freedoms serve to mirror our healthy or unhealthy relationship to life and love?  What surprising and unlikely steps must be taken to balance an imbalance in each area?  Explore these and other life-changing inquiries, and assess your strengths and weaknesses from a whole new perspective.  Discover the ways that poor habits and addictions are really messengers with the keys to your own liberation.



Raising Your Courage Quotient - The difference between the courageous and the fearful isn't the absence of fear; it is the management of fear; yet most of us go through life denying, avoiding, resisting, camouflaging or giving into our fear.  In each of these instances, fear continues to have dominion over our lives.  It has been said that the only obstacle between our deepest dreams and our current reality is the presence of fear.  This life-changing program will help you to understand and alchemize your greatest fears.   



Your Relationship to Capital - Take an in-depth look at your relationship to money and wealth, including your styles in earning, debting, investing/profiting, and giving.  Make use of a money timeline that supports you to clear your financial past, better understand your present use of capital, and positions you for future success.  This program supports you to re-define your relationship with money, and to put it in its optimal place in your life once and for all.



Healing Your Relationship With God - Most of us would consider our relationship with our Creator to be the most vital and significant of all, yet few of us have ever taken the time to examine how much of our relationship with God is based on our current values, and how many outdated beliefs are still playing havoc with our understanding of God.  In this liberating program you will discover your own personal sense of God and create a satisfying and safe relationship with Divine. 



Healing Your Relationship the Feminine - Our relationships with women are affected most by our relationship with the first and foremost woman in our lives - our mother.  Explore the various styles of feminine communication, from the inspirational ways that the healthy feminine nurtures, cares for and surrenders; to the oppressive ways that the unhealthy feminine suffocates, controls and clutches onto.  Find your voice and your power amidst any feminine influence. 



Healing Your Relationship With the Masculine - Our relationships with men are affected most by our relationship with the first and foremost man in our lives - our father.  Explore the various masculine styles of communication, from the empowering ways that the healthy masculine provides, instructs and raises, to the oppressive ways that the unhealthy masculine suppresses, controls and puts down.  Find your ground amidst any masculine influence. 



Healing Through Shame - Beneath loneliness and unfulfillment often lies the hidden presence of shame.  Low self-esteem and shame are typically synonymous - wherever one resides, the other is sure to follow.  The 'I-am-not-good-enough' belief that many have in their systems perpetuates the disease of shame.  Discover ways to reveal and heal the shame that is keeping you from living the life you would like to live. 



Tools for Transformational Parenting - Parenting is the most honorable and challenging of all human endeavors.  In raising one single human being, we do more to affect that individual, and the future of the world, than any thing else we will ever do. Most of us never acquired the skills necessary to take on this noble task with eminent success.  Explore principles of positive parenting and apply them to your specific family life to create healthy, lasting relationships with the most important people in your life.



Tap Into Your Soul Intelligence - Imagine how the world will shift when our HI-Q (how high we reside in consciousness) becomes more significant than our IQ (our intelligence quotient).  Einstein said that problems cannot be solved at the same level that they were created.  To transform the challenges of life, we must rise to a higher level by tapping into soul intelligence - the highest level of understanding there is.  Practice techniques including soul dialogue, core belief clearing, developing the soul observer, and more.



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