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Are you more optimistic or pessimistic in your parenting style and approach to life?  While most people are

a combination of both, some lean predominantly to one side or the other. 


Read through each column, and give yourself one point for each of the qualities that apply to you in either column.  The rating scale is at the bottom of the page.






Missing healthy role models


Focus on faults & weaknesses


Poor self-regard


Assumes the worst


Avoids unpleasant issues


Complains often


Criticizes and puts down


Curt or rude to authorities


Closed with a guarded heart


Sacastic, bitter or cynical


Shuns being of service


Gives up easily when it gets rough


Isolates out of pain or protection


Withholds feelings; shut-down


Bluntly honest without kindness


Mistrusts people and their motives


Competes and wants to be the best


Focuses on what's missing


Fears and avoids the unknown


Prone to depression


Harbors anger and resentment


Little or no moral reflection


Poor daily self-care


Prone to addictions


Lethargic and lackluster


Difficult & draining


Careless or reckless


Low achiever


Poor self-discipline


Negative attitude about the future




Has one or more healthy role-models


Self-corrects and develops strengths


Strong self-respect


Looks for the best


Gets to the issue seeking resolve


Co-operates often


Acknowledges and builds others up


Respectful or polite to authorities


Open with a warm heart


Humorous, clever and fun


Contributes to the lives of others


Keeps going with persistence


Stays connected to others


Expresses feelings; vulnerable


Considerately honest with kindness


Open to learn of others' motives


Competes with one's personal best


Focuses on what's working


Explores and seeks the unknown


Good mental health


Moves through anger and progresses


Aspires to strong and clear values


Good daily self-care


Avoids substance abuse


Ambitious and motivated


Energizing & interesting


Strong in character & liable


Motivated achiever


Strong self-discipline


Positive attitude about the future






8 or Less: Mildly Pessimistic
9-16: Moderately Pessimistic
17-24: Highly Pessimistic
25 and up: Off the Charts


8 or Less: Mildly Optimistic
9-16: Moderately Optimistic
17-24: Highly Optimistic
25 and up:  Extraordinary


If your score indicates you are optimistic, congratulations!  Keep up your affirmative approach to life.  You are most likely a role model in your child's life and a positive influence to many.  If your score indicates that you are pessimistic, you may want to consider it an invitation to change.


You can read chapter 11 in my book "What All Children Want Their Parents to Know" to enhance your strengths and further your skills.  In this chapter I share 5 ways for you to develop healthy optimism and five ways for you to stomp out pessimism. 


From the book, What All Children Want Their Parents to Know: 12 Keys to Raising a Happy Child

by Diana Loomans & Julia Godoy (c) 2005 New World Library


Click here to read more about Diana's book, "What All Children Want Their Parents to Know"

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