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Rave Reviews:


"Beloved author Diana Loomans provides another great book to help parents connect with and lovingly raise their children."

~Amazon.com Review

"If every child grew up loved by parents who had read this book

and practiced its wisdom, the world would not be experiencing wars!"

~Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

"Diana Loomans' work is inspired. She is one of the brilliant,

relevant author of our time."

~Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"The ultimate nourishment for the family soul. Diana's wise insights and practical ideas will transform millions of families!"

~Marci Shimoff, author of Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul

"What a breath of fresh air to find authors who believe we must listen to the children themselves.  This book is a vehicle for unconditional love, the most powerful and empowering force in the universe."

~Elisa Medhus, MD, author of Raising Children Who Think

for Themselves

"This book is a superb how-to manual for the most important profession in the world!  It offers parents the needed skills to transform the spirit inside of every child, and propels tomorrow's leaders into their full potential!"

~B.J.Dohrmann, president of The International Learning Trust

"This is the kind of parenting book you'll refer to time and time again. It's a simple yet profound guide

to positive parenting."

~Holly Bea, author of God

Believes in You

What the Children are Saying:


"I love the poem cause its
what kids really want!"

~Jacob Marcus, age 7

"I like the letters from children to their parents at the end of the chapters, and hope that moms

and dads really listen to it!

~Gina Fisher, age 11

"My mommy plays with me

more and is nicer to me after

she read the book!"

~Tammy Ling, age 5

"Wow - I am so glad I am reading this book BEFORE I have a baby!"

~Tara Cohen, age 17

Everybody love's Diana's newest book. . .



12 Keys to Raising A Happy Child


What do children most want their parents to know, and what do they need to grow into thriving adults? If kids could speak from the depths of their hearts and instruct their parents on how they wanted to be raised, what would they say to the people who will influence them more than any one else in the whole world?


This celebrated book, written by best-selling author Diana Loomans and her daughter, Julia Godoy, addresses these vital questions from a child's perspective. It offers twelve powerful keys to raising a happy child, including:


Teach by Example Use Positive Discipline With Respect
Spend Quality Time Daily Allow Room to Make Mistakes
Practice True Listening Live Your Values
Share Laughter, Play & Affection Give Unconditional Love


Each chapter is filled with relevant stories and ideas that are designed with the busy family in mind, including hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter, and a message from the voice of all children, addressed to their parents and guardians. 


Parents have a deep desire to do what's best for their children, but kids aren't born with instruction manuals, and most parents received less-than-ideal role modeling from their own parents.  This book serves as a parenting how-to manual to provide parents with techniques that really work, and to provide kids with what they most desire and need - one small step at a time.


By taking the time to read this book, parents will learn to focus on what's most important, and to create more special moments. Many of a child's most impactful experiences happen in these small, memorable moments.


Each of the 12 chapters in the book are based on the popular poem below, by Diana Loomans & Julia Godoy:




Teach me to love and care for myself
Through your own positive example.
I'll learn from all of your actions,
And grow to have good self-care.


Notice me often,
Taking joy in my very existence.
I'll grow up knowing I'm special,
And help others to feel the same.


Listen to me with empathy,
Have an open and loving heart.
I'll know I'm seen and heard,
And grow to be a good listener.


Acknowledge me often,
And tell me what you appreciate.
I'll know that I am worthy,
And learn to acknowledge others.


Laugh and have fun with me often,
Be affectionate every day.
I'll play and enjoy my life,
And bring more joy to others.


Teach me to be disciplined,
And correct me with kindness.
I'll lead a life of dignity,
With the pride of self-respect.


Allow room for me to grow,
To make mistakes & have opinions.
I'll learn to be independent,
And trust in my own judgment.


Stay interested in learning,
And following your dreams.
I'll pick up your enthusiasm,
And be inspired to do the same.


Be honest and authentic,
And live your highest values.
I'll learn from your experiences,
And grow to have integrity.


Teach me to be of service,
And honor the differences in others.
I'll learn generosity of spirit,
And embrace all walks of life.


Focus on what's going right,
Have faith in troubled times.
I'll learn to be optimistic,
With gratitude for each new day.


Love me without condition,
Throughout my ups and downs.
I'll know that I am cherished,
And bring more love to the world.


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