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Imagine an Awakened World,

where every precious child is born welcomed and loved.


A world where all colors and creeds are celebrated

as one brilliant bouquet of flowering humanity.


A world where people are making a difference for a living,

and living to make a difference.


Imagine an Awakened World that has shifted

from the overpowering of some to the empowering of all.


A world where human force is met with soul force;

one that knows there are no sides to a planet that is round.


A world where true religion is recognized simply as kindness,

and one great circle of love honoring the Creator.


Imagine an Awakened World,

where everyone knows that world peace begins with inner peace,

and that one conscious person can awaken millions.


From the book, 100 Words, Two Hundred Visionaries Share Their Hope for the Future.  Conari Press, copyright 2010.


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